Washington D.C. for first-timers: How to Have a Terrific Trip

Washington D.C. for first-timers: How to Have a Terrific Trip

UntitledIf you are visiting Washington the first time, then you are in luck today to have stumbled upon this article as we have come up with a few ways to have an enjoyable trip to the country’s second largest state. The ins and outs, streets and the largest collection of state’s monuments including museums, art galleries, Broadway sets, and live music scenes are some of the things the city prides itself on. So, if you are planning a trip to D.C., here are some of the tips you have to keep in mind.

Hop on to a tour bus

Now this tip is not only for the first-timers in Washington, it applies to all the second and thirds time visitors in the city as well. Legend has it; the streets in the city were designed by a French engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant to confuse the enemy troops who planned on attacking the country’s capital. So if you are on your own and expecting to reach whatever destinations you have on your bucket list, you will most probably get lost and realize that the legend still stays. There are a number of tour buses and party buses running in the city, eager to take on as many passengers as they can. Your best bet is to share a ride with them.

Respect the metro station

For starters, in America, it’s not a subway, but a metro system, so don’t go calling it a subway by mistake. The locals don’t get entertained by the joke. Secondly, there are some very strict rules when it comes to riding in a metro. Follow them exactly as you see others following them. For instance, stand on the right when on an escalator and let other in a hurry pass from the left; drinking and eating is not allowed, so abstain from it; when in a metro, don’t just stand in front of the entry door, and move in as much as you can.

Visit in the fall season

The best time to visit Washington D.C. is during the fall season. It is when the city is the most beautiful, covered in white snow but that is one thing most visitors don’t take into account. As per statistics, America sees most tourists in the summers when most of the states, especially Washington, are unbearably humid and hot.

Let your palates have a taste of the local cuisine

When visiting Washington, let your taste buds explore the cuisines like Columbus. Don’t just drive into the chain restaurants, which you probably have at home too. Instead, let the local food take you by surprise. Try all the different cuisines, including Mexican, Indian, Belgium and Italian, the city has to offer.

Know of the rules

Now there are a number of places that are free of cost for tourists in Washington, but for some, you may be asked to require a ticket. Visitors on their own, on a self-guided tour must know that in order to visit the White House, they must be in at least a group of ten or more people and have at least one congressman from the building to assist them. Also, there are opening and closing timings to state buildings, so make sure you plan your visit during those hours only.

Live Music scenes

There are hundreds of live music spots, especially around the U street corridor where the legendary Duke Ellington played. Other famous music spots to fuel your soul with some hip hop and jazz include Bohemian Caverns, The Black Cat, Modest Mouse and Blues Alley etc.

These tips may come in handy but you may still need some assistance on your first trip. Our tour buses and charter buses run in the city, taking tourists to all the places worthy of a visit. Let our tour bus DC make our trip a memorable one!

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