The Non-White Wedding Dresses

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The Non-White Wedding Dresses

When dreams become a reality and when the save the dates is done with, the next thing on the list of a bride-to-be is her wedding dress. The day which marks the beginning of her new life needs to be the one she feels at her best in, something which defines her and accentuates her beauty like no other.

And since it is about the dress, the color white would very obviously pop in your mind. Though there are brides, bold and beautiful who choose the non-white league. Yes, they opt for a color different than the traditional one, and why question since it is their day! Not only do the other colors add a surprise factor to the wedding pictures but also let them have a say with the dress colors and contrasts other than that of virgins-white.image4

So let’s move from white to explore other colors added to life’s most important part, “I do”.

1. The Soft Peach
The off-whites can easily give way to the peach family and while we have seen the shade excessively used in wedding decorations, it could also be used for the bride’s gown. That, or soft pink hues could trace the beautiful curves with grace adding the soft look to the glowing skin of the bride. Give the queen of the woods look with floral accessories; it could be a good color for the evening time and green backdrops.

2. The Ice Blue
The blue family is usually reserved for the bridesmaids and often we can see it in all shadesimage5 from the rich royal shade to the baby blue and everything in between. No, the bride won’t be going all ‘Disney’ if she chooses the ice blue shade for the wedding gown. If you wish to go tropical, try aquatic shades and teal for a serious color that could be accentuated with diamond jewelry and tiaras. For beach weddings, the blue family works pretty well and could be coupled with messy buns and hairdos.
3. The Scarlet Red
Going bold and gorgeous on your big day? You might as well choose red the color of love and life and that of every strong emotion and intensified feelings. Used in many Asian countries for the brides as a traditional color, red has its own significance and brings out the colorful side very easily in the bride.
And when you are deciding on your favorite shade of wedding gowns, you can also think of the royal carriage which would take you to the venue. Charter Bus Rentals DC provides one of the finest Bus Tours in Washington DC, which could provide the bride and her family/ friends to image6have a splendid time together. Since you’re going non-traditional anyway!

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