Must See 5 Places on Your DC Tour Bus

Must See 5 Places on Your DC Tour Bus

Tour Buses DC

A DC Tour Bus is certainly a great way to get around the nation’s capital. Whether you’re planning a trip for family, friends, a school, summer camp, church group, company, or some other organization, you could do a lot worse than a trip to Washington, DC.


The Benefit of a Tour Bus Rental in DC:

Even if you’re in a relatively small group, there are some great benefits to choosing a Tour Bus Rental in DC as opposed to renting a car, a series of cars, or driving yourself (in other words, having a number of people drive themselves and trying to meet up at the same place at the same time).First, you get to enjoy quiet comfort. The best Tour Buses DC has to offer will be clean, smooth, and quiet late model buses. That allows everyone on board to relax, get rest, or enjoy the sites as they roll on by.


Second, you get a quality guided tour. Not all Washington Bus Tours companies have knowledgeable drivers, so choose a company that does. That way you’ll get some great insight into the place you should visit.


Speaking of which


The 5 places You Must see on a Tour Bus Rental in DC:

Okay, here are the 5 key places you might just want to add to your itinerary for a DC Tour Bus.Tour Bus DC


The National Mall. This iconic landmark has memorials, parks, and the Reflecting Pool that rests at the base of the Washington Monument. Everyone in your group could spend all day here, and it wouldn’t be long enough.


  • The White House. The home of the President of the United States, the White House is one of the most iconic government buildings in the world.
  • The Capitol Building. Speaking of iconic buildings, you don’t get much greater than the U.S. Capitol Building. This is where the House of Representatives and Senate conduct business and where laws are written.
  • National Air and Space Museum. If you love space travel and aviation and want a first-hand look at some of the incredible innovations this nation has built through the years, spend a day here.
  • National Museum of Natural History. You and your friends/students/guests will be in awe of the wonders found in this museum.
  • You won’t lack for things to do, see, and enjoy when you rely on the best Tour Buses DC has to offer.




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