How to Throw A Successful Bachelorette Party

How to Throw A Successful Bachelorette Party

How to Throw A Successful Bachelorette Party

The ringing wedding bells are music to your ears when one of the girlfriends is going to tie the knot.

And you are the one who is planning to throw a bachelorette for her; the most memorable event of a girl’s lifetime. From planning to shopping, to the execution of every plan.

Especially if it has to remain a surprise for the bride – all of it could be highly exhausting. And on the top of it all, you’re afraid that there might be some incident which would completely spoil everything (an ex showing up? Not exactly, but there could be some heated moments anyhow). You want a perfect party where all of you enjoy at your best; well you certainly can by keeping these simple tips in your head (free from hangover, of course):

1. Plan the Dates in Accordance with The Big Day

If you plan it too far away from the wedding date, there is nothing sentiment about it as opposed to when the wedding is near. You might also not be able to invite all your girls; especially those flying for the big day.

There are already many things to worry about at the time of wedding and the last thing you’d want your bride or the bridesmaids to worry is about arrangements of another party on top of it.

2. The Theme Needs to be close To Heart

image2The heart of the bride and her girlfriends, who are to be the major part of the bachelorette party, is what we are talking about. The bond you all share needs to reflect in the bachelorette party which you want to be a complete success. Be creative, share memories, and make it a night you all could remember forever. Picking themes could be a tedious task, thus involve other close buddies if you could and make sure your bride connects with it.

3. Don’t Be Too Tired To Enjoy

Yes, it is all about the bride, but it is also about you when you are arranging an event because you also want to enjoy being one of the bridesmaids. Work hard to make it a success but don’t kill yourself. It is great to be passionate about your friend/sister’s big day but don’t be too consumed to be unable to enjoy it yourself.image3

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