How to Set Up a Social Media Scavenger Hunt on Your DC Trip


How to Set Up a Social Media Scavenger Hunt on Your DC Trip

Scavenger hunts are not new to the game; they have been around for centuries. However, having a scavenger hunt on social media during a trip to DC on a DC charter bus is something that not many people have ever done. If you are heading to DC with your company, then you may want to set up a social media scavenger hunt to keep your employees busy on the trip. Read on below for how to set up a social media scavenger hunt on your DC trip.

Timing is Everything

Make sure that you time the scavenger hunt to keep your employees busy during the ride in the DC charter bus on the way to whatever tour area you are going too. Make sure that you advertise the scavenger hunt way before the trip begins, in order to tease them and get them excited about the hunt before the trip begins.

Social Media Sites to Use
You should use all social media sites for the scavenger hunts. Social media sites that you might want to use include the following.
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google plus
• Instagram
• Vine
• Four Square

Make sure that you have them do everything from post a picture of the Lincoln Memorial on Facebook to finding an article on Google plus about the Washington monument. The point is to let them have fun while educating them about where you are going at the same time.

Reward Many

There should be little rewards along the way, with a big prize at the end of course. You should try to stay true to your trip by making the prizes from DC and things that can be handed out on the DC charter bus to the winners. Make sure that the grand prize at the end is big enough to be worth all the effort put in during the social media scavenger hunt on the way to your DC destination.

Surprise and Delight Your Players

Don’t just save the prizes for the end of the hunt when you are about to get off the DC charter bus. Surprise and delight your players by handing out the little prizes all through the hunt on your trip. Make sure that the user only discovers the reward after they complete a certain action. This makes the game more fun and after the first prize is given it will have others more eager to play this fun seek and find social media game.

Make the Final Reward the Best

Social media scavenger hunts can take up a lot of time and energy. If you want people to play while on their DC charter bus, then you need to make it worth their while at the end of the game. Go for the goal with the prize at the end, you won’t be sorry you did.
These are a few tips to help you set up a social media scavenger hunt on your way to DC. When you play on your DC charter bus, everyone will have fun and learn a few things as well.

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