Grooms-To-Be, Are You Doing Your Part?

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Grooms-To-Be, Are You Doing Your Part?

Well if you are counting the days to your wedding, you just can’t wait to tie-the-knot with the girl of your dreams. While that is a beautiful thing on its own, have you been making sure that you do not let your bride-to-be get swarmed with all planning and detailing of your wedding day?
Most men don’t, and if you’re one of them you seriously need to take immediate steps and set it right. Let’s face it, your girls already has tons to look after – all with the flowers, and themes, and dresses, and food – why not take some of that off her back and share the responsibilities of the wedding you both have together dreamt for?

There’s a lot you can do to help. Just follow cue, and you will have your fiancée loving you a lot more than she already does by the time you both exchange your vows.

• Prepare your side of the guest list. Make sure you get all the guests you and your parents want to be a part of your wedding day. Your job doesn’t end here. You will also need to follow up on the RSVPs from your friends, colleagues, and family.

• Take care of the alcohol and wine. You know she’ll take care of the wedding menu to be served to the guests, and she’ll do an exceptional job at it. Spare her the task of deciding on the beverages. Whether its fresh juices, fancy cocktails, or exceptional wines, take it up on yourself to decide what makes it onto the drinks’ menu for the big day.

• Have you sorted out the transportation yet? Don’t wait for her to ask you to do that. Figure out whether you’ll need a charter bus, multiple limos, or just a single limo to manage the travelling on your wedding day. You both will need it, and so will your guests.

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• Arranging for the music and DJ is your job. Find out a reliable DJ, or put your groomsmen to work on that. The girls deserve a break. Don’t they? Plus, look at it this way – when you arrange for the music, it is a good chance to incorporate some of your favorites on the playlist. You can even surprise your bride with songs that you both have memories attached to!


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