Choosing your Dream Wedding Transport

Choosing your dream wedding transport

Choosing your Dream Wedding Transport

just-marriedMany say a perfect wedding should have a delicious three-course meal, scrumptious wine and cracking-you-up toasts from friends and families, an ‘in vogue’ dance-off and a never-to-forget reception.

But all this could only happen if you actually make it to your wedding, don’t you think? Getting to the ceremony on time, for starters, is the first thing that needs to be done in order to make your wedding a success. Mind it, transportation glitches can often ruin a perfect mood and turn your wedding into an episode of Family Feud.

But not everyone wants to reach their wedding destination in a limousine. Don’t get us wrong, a limo is still the most preferred method for getting to your wedding, but there are some couples who like to try something different. If you are one of them, this blog post is for you. Read on to see what transportation you should be taking to your wedding.

Stretched Limos

A sleek design with formality and class, a ride in this long vehicle will make you feel like a VIP.  If you are a status conscious person and want everything to go as perfectly planned, this is your safest bet.

A ferry ride

Could anything get more romantic than this? Even before you reach Venice for your honeymoon, you will feel you are already in it. It is perfect for a beach wedding when you and your partner want to make a sleek escape after the wedding in a speedboat or yacht. But if you are light on your stomach and prone to motion sickness, then a boat ride is not yours to sail.


Just like a fairytale wedding most of us wanted growing up, this is your chance. Couples today are becoming more open to this option, as it is suitable for organized themed weddings. So if you and your partner are planning one too, let the theme be fairytale.

A motorcycle ride

Not to be mistaken as a term for heavy bike riders, this is actually happening in the country side too. If you are a free bird and don’t like to be caged in a chauffeured car, let your veil feel the air while you ride away with your partner on a two-wheeler.

DC Charter Buses

After parties in charter buses are an experience of pure enjoyment. One of the trendiest means of transportation in today’s weddings is charter buses or party shuttles. With a capacity to fit at least 40 people with you, you can continue the after-party celebrations in the bus. Speaking of their benefits, they are essentially roomy and comfortable and no one has to drive as rented charter buses come with a designated driver. Pop open some champagne and dance to the lively music when in a charter bus like there is no end to partying.

So if your wedding is about to happen in Washington D.C and you are in search of the best rental transport services, we have got it covered for you. With the best variety of bus rental and charter bus rental DC, we will not disappoint you.

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