Bridal Nail Art

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Bridal Nail Art

Nude may look very classy but if the bride aims to experiment with her nail style she might as well do so on her wedding. And when preparing for all the accessorie

s, this would have crossed your mind, ‘how do I get my nails done?’- hang on to that thought and be ready to try some ideas sure to make you go gaga.

· The Pointy Studded Nails

While some of you might be thinking pointy nails are out of fashion with the square edges hiimage7ghly popular in French manicure advertisements, they still look pretty on slender fingers. Try getting them done in soft pale shades or add gloss, and the index fingernail or the forefinger nail could be heavily studded with beads or diamante to intensify the look.

· The Metallic French Tips

Try going gorgeous and classy with the French manicure with a twist. Yes, the metallic naimage8il tips in French style with a base color that could range from matte grey, beige, light blue or pink to create the look that says ‘I know my business and I know it well’. Try choosing colors that could go well with your wedding dress and also with the shape of your hands and nails. Metallic French tips are also done to look great on black base, maroon, purple and golden.

· Ombré Nails

Whether you’ve opted for a beach wedding or any other theme, Ombré gives you the plimage9easure of choosing not one but two or three base colors that would go with not only your wedding dress and theme but also with all the dresses you wear till you carry the nail art.

· The Glitter Dust

You want to go simple with your nails yet give them a chic look? Try glitter. Though somimage10e brides avoid nail art with abundant glitter, a dash of it on well manicured nails could be very attractive yet subtle. Neutral glitter shades such as silver go well with any dress.

· The Patterns & Designs

While some brides like to keep the designs minimal, some of them love to go all intricate and complex with their favorite patterns and shades. Using basic shades helps in the nail art not being restricted to a particular color or theme.image11

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